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  • New Arrivals
  • All White Portion
  • White Portion
  • Original Portion
  • VOLT Deep Freeze Super Strong Slim All White
    VOLT Spearmint Breeze Strong Slim All White
    VOLT Dark Frost Super Strong Slim All White
    VOLT Frosted Apple Strong Slim All White
    VOLT Cool Crisp Extra Strong Slim All White
    VOLT Java Shake Slim All White
    Göteborgs Rapé ONE Röd
    Lyft Tokyo Zing Strong
    Skruf Super White Slim Fresh #5
    Skruf Super White Nordic #4
    Loop Mango Tango Strong
  • ZYN Northern Woods
    G.4 Cryo Slim All White
    Lyft Freeze X-Strong
    Shiro Cool Mint
    White Fox Full Charge
    Nordic Spirit Berry Citrus
    Nordic Spirit Spearmint Intense
    Skruf Super White Nordic Slim All White
    G.4 Deep Freeze Slim All White
    Ace Super White Citrus
    Loop Jalapeño Lime Strong
    YOYO Lime Strawberry Mint
  • Thunder X Slim White Dry
    Rite Nordic Dry White
    Odens Cold Extreme White
    Siberia White Dry
    Lundgrens Skåne White
    G.3 POW Super Strong Slim All White
    Kronan White Strong
    Skruf Original White Portion
    Kapten Extra Strong Salmiak White
    XRANGE Göteborgs Rapé Sparkling Slim White
    General White Mint Portion
    General White Portion
  • Thunder Frosted Portion
    Odens Cold Portion
    Odens Licorice Extreme Portion
    LD Salmiak Portion
    LD 30 Original
    Ettan Portion
    General Classic Portion
    Göteborgs Rapé Original
    Kronan Original Portion
    Nick and Johnny Crushed Ice
    Kapten Original Portion
    Jakobsson's Strong Cola Portion

  • With over 300 brands of snus, our aim is to have the most competitive prices on the market.

  • We deliver our snus world wide with the exception of EU. Orders are sent the same weekday, within 24 hours.

  • Feel free to contact us if you have any question. The support team at SnusMe will get back to you as soon as they can.