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77 Nicotine pouches

77 Nicotine pouches 77 Nicotine pouches
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An explosion of flavors from 77 nicotine pouches

Haven't tried the tobacco-free 77 Nicotine Pouches yet? Then we'll tell you what you missed! 77 Nicotine Pouches is a brand that was founded in 2019, they focus on aromas of high quality and it is precisely the flavors that stand out.
If there is strawberry on the can, it is precisely the taste of freshly picked, sun-ripened strawberries that meets you when you put a nicotine pouch under your lip!

Modern profile attracts the eye

The modern brand 77 nicotine pouches has also developed a stylish design that attracts the eye, which really does not make things worse. It is said that you taste with your eyes, so maybe their nice packaging makes the nicotine pouches taste even better. The packaging is stylish with a large graphic logo in the middle, and colors associated with the flavors are appealingly combined in black or white cans.

The strong collection 77 Dark Series

The black cans belongs to a collection called 77 Dark Series, and it is this collection that we at SnusMe have focused on. 77 nicotine pouches have created all the products in the 77 Dark Series collection with a nicotine level of as much as 20mg/g, ie a really strong snus. It belongs to the category Extra Strong, and is not recommended for inexperienced users. Since 77 nicotine pouches do not contain any tobacco, many people use the products as medical nicotine, as an alternative to cigarettes to quit smoking.

Here at SnusMe we see a high demand for strong snus and strong nicotine pouches. The products from 77 nicotine pouches meet the requirements of many users. It is completely free of tobacco, there is a great variety of high quality flavors, the nicotine level is around 16-20 mg/g, the pouches are comfortable to have under the lip and it does not drip much. Therefore, we have chosen to focus on the 77 Dark Series with a high level of nicotine.

Flavors that take you to new places

When 77 nicotine pouces talk about their products, they often want to create a feeling, like the feeling of summer in the middle of winter, or a trip to tropical beaches. Of course, tastes and aromas can bring many wonderful memories to life. It should be a great feeling to put a pouch under the lip, so test yourself on how you want your snus experience to taste. Maybe as a summery drink under an umbrella, or as a refreshing forest walk?

77 nicotine pouches Fresh Mint Strong - To begin with, 77 nicotine pouches have a classic mint flavor in their range, there is probably no brand that misses that important detail. Many users only stick to nicotine pouches with mint, but there are also many who want to feel it in the morning when they wake up, whether it is a mint day or a fruit day today.

77 nicotine pouches Apple & Mint Strong - You who wake up in the morning and feel that it is both a mint day and a fruit day today do not have to choose. 77 nicotine pouches make several popular varieties where fruit is combined with mint, one of them is Apple & Mint. This one tastes like a juicy but still crispy green apple.

77 nicotine pouches Peach & Mint Strong - The taste with the name Peach & Mint is exactly what it sounds like. The symbol of summer, peaches, has been combined with refreshing mint. Imagine eating a perfectly ripe peach with shimmering pulp on a hot summer day. Peach & Mint tastes just like that.

77 nicotine pouches Forest Fruits Strong - To understand the feeling that this taste gives you, imagine that you take a lovely forest walk and pick perfect red and blue berries in the thickets. Or by the way, think that you buy the good berries and fruits in the store, they are just as good anyway! Forest Fruits are a combination of sweet and sour berries and fruits.

77 nicotine pouches Raspberry Strong - If you love raspberries, this flavor is hard to resist. Here, 77 nicotine pouches have really managed to find aromas that capture the taste of real raspberries. When you put the nicotine bag under your lip, you will experience a shift between both sour and sweet flavors of raspberries.

77 nicotine pouches Black Currant Strong - Another taste of berries. Blackcurrants are not often found on the shelf with nicotine bags, but even here, 77 nicotine pouches have managed to make a tasty interpretation. Black Currant has a deep and intense taste, an option for you who feel that you have already tried everything!

77 nicotine pouches Strawberry Strong - Strawberry is a popular flavor that you do not want to miss. This package delivers the taste of perfectly sun-ripened strawberries. If you also picked strawberries directly from the country when you were little, you will relive your childhood memory when the flavors begin to be secreted.

77 nicotine pouches Tropical Mint Strong - Summer is back here. Tropical flavors such as mango are topped with fresh mint in an unbeatable combination. Tropical Mint enlivens all gray days, even the yellow-green colors on the packaging that remind us of honeydew melon immediately put us in a better mood.

77 nicotine pouches Classic Tobacco Strong - These are nicotine pouches with a taste of tobacco. It is not an easy task to get a completely tobacco-free product to taste tobacco, but we think that 77 nicotine pouches have succeeded. Here you get the rich and sour taste, with spicy tones and a smooth aftertaste. Test yourself if you have missed the taste of tobacco.

77 nicotine pouches Cola & Vanilla Strong - If you are a fan of Coke you will love the taste Cola & Vanilla. A classic taste of Cola that gets an extra sweetness thanks to the creamy vanilla. A balanced taste of high quality that does not feel artificial. This is also a taste for you who have already tried everything!

What are 77 nicotine pouches?

Tobacco Concept Factory (TCF) is the company behind the 77 nicotine pouches brand. It is a Polish company that started in 2003, and in 2007 they started to focus on their own brands in e-cigarettes and vaping accessories. In 2019, they launched their own tobacco-free nicotine pouches under the brand 77 nicotine pouches, this was then and still is a unique product on the Polish market.