Ace Super White Citrus Slim All White

Slim All White Nicotine pouch with taste of citrus
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Ace Superwhite Citrus has a fresh smell of lemon and at it’s first taste the flavours are perfectly balanced between sour and refreshing citrus. The nicotine strength of 18mg/g feels a little milder then if this would be a mint porton but don’t be tricked it’s still a strong pouch.
The Ace Supwerhite Citrus is an all white nicotine only product with a gumbase fiber produced pouch. Each can contains 24 nico pods in a nice slim format ready for use straight out of the box. Each pouch is loaded with 0,5 grams of pleasure, and it will give you a total of 9mg of nicotine per use.
The Danish produced Ministry Of Snus as a total of five different flavours of all white pouches on the market for now, we sell the separately and in mix packs of course. Ready to be shipped out of our Swedish warehouse to you.
More Information
Brand Ace
Type All White
Format Slim All White
Taste Citrus
Nicotine level 16mg/g
Strength Strong