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Aprés Nicotine pouches

Aprés nicotine pouches Aprés nicotine pouches
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Premium brand from Stockholm, Sweden

Après is a premium brand from Stockholm, Sweden that strives to develop unique and refined flavours in a timeless design. Their products radiate innovation, beauty and quality. The mission is to capture feelings and memories with style and to be distinctly different from other alternatives. All to give you the optimal experience whilst also caring for the environment. All products and packaging are made from plant-based materials.

Discover the flavors

  • Après No.1 Mentol is what you want – a menthol that soars and leaves a fresh feeling upon your nose and lips. Pop the lid, lean back and enjoy the force from the mountains of Zermatt.

  • Après No.2 Mint tastes just as a Mint should taste. Sweet, fresh and with a hint of peppermint that lends you a lasting feeling of vigor.

  • Après No.3 Lemon Curd is developed to capture the feeling of a lemon in a smooth and silky sweet texture. An intense, fresh scent directly upon opening, with a sensory explosion that gives you the perfect blend of sweet and sour.

  • Après No.4 Cola will immediately become your new favourite. A taste that promises the nostalgia of Cola that we all know and love. Quite simply the sensory experience you will never want to end.

  • Après No.5 Ice Tea Peach is a delicious, full-bodied iced tea with a taste of sweet peaches with a hint of black tea. Almost like you have poured a large carafe directly into a soft little pouch.

  • Après No.6 Cactus Lime is a unique mix of two very special flavours which creates a perfect harmony between the dryness of the desert and the moist of the tropical forest. The mix creates a taste sensation experience delivered in a soft little pouch.

  • Après No.7 Tangerine is a created to capture the taste of freshly squeezed tangerine juice. A natural, fruity flavour of everyone's favourite blend of orange fruits.

  • Après No.8 Raspberry Liqorice is a lethal combination of bright and dark, smooth and rough. Let us enchant you with our delicate fusion of Raspberry and Liqorice.