ZYN Citrus Slim

ZYN Citrus Slim

When it comes to nicotine pouches, this is one of the best! Today, we’re talking about the citrusy goodness of Zyn Citrus (Strong) Slim White! This is a nicotine pouch product produced by Swedish Match in Sweden. When it comes to Zyn, there’s the dry mini series that is primarily sold in the US, and the more moist pouch version, which is sold in Sweden. And, online to the US of course, through SnusMe.com! This is the moist, slim version. 

These are a nicotine pouch product, not a snus product. Yes, there is a difference! If you’re not aware, nicotine pouches are a relatively new phenomenon in the “snus world”. These are products completely free of tobacco, but they do contain nicotine! So, if you’re looking to quit tobacco but still enjoy nicotine, these are a great way to do that!

ZYN Citrus Slim

Flavor Description: ZYN Slim Citrus Strong combines the freshest flavors of the citrus world. Let refreshing lemon, sour lime and bitter citrus zest satisfy your taste buds.

Content: 16.8 grams

Portion Count:  21 portions

Portion Weight:  0.8 grams

Nicotine Strength:  12mg/g

ZYN Citrus Slim

It’s not super sweet, nor is it artificial by any means. It’s quite tasty!

When it comes to nicotine pouch products, it seems there’s a lot of focus on Lyft for most people. But Swedish Match’s Zyn line in Sweden is truly one that deserves some focus as well. When I think citrus, this is the top of the mountain for me in the nicotine pouch world. The aroma of this one is bright and citrusy, with present tones of lemon along with a subtle lime touch in the back. The portions are slim, and of a very soft nature. They provide a great fit under the lip. The flavor is a really nice, citrusy taste. It’s quite lemony, but also with a tart touch of lime in there. It’s not super sweet, nor is it artificial by any means. It’s quite tasty!  When it comes to the nicotine strength, this one feels to be around the “regular” or “normal” range, so it provides a steady delivery! The flavor usually last a solid amount of time.  I’ve clocked it between 52 and 68 minutes on average.

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