General Classic Portion

This is the true, traditional king of snus.

General Classic Portion

When it comes to snus, this one is it. General Snus by Swedish Match. This is the true, traditional king of snus. Well, the loose version would be. But this version, the original portion version, is the best tasting flavor of General Snus in the portion format. While I may use the slim portion versions more often (G3 and XRANGE), I like to venture over to this one from time to time when I really want to get a bold, General flavor in the portion format. 

General Classic Portion

Flavor Description: General is a original portion with a spicy tobacco taste with notes of bergamot and hints of tea, hay and leather. The General series is the worlds most sold snus, a general snus that always works. Packed in a original portion for a direct and intense snus experience.”

Content:  24g

Portion Count:  24 portions

Portion Weight:  1.0g

Nicotine Strength:  8.5mg/g

General Classic Portion

The bergamot citrus flavor is tart, clear, and present.  The tobacco taste is rich, earthy, and well rounded.

Want to experience snus history? Open a can of General Classic. The bergamot aroma is very present, and comes through in a major way. There is a spicy tobacco aroma in the background, which comes through as a rich, earthy tobacco smell with hints of pepper. The portions are nice and plump, moist, and have a pretty immediate release of delicious flavor. The taste of this one is sublime. The bergamot citrus flavor is tart, clear, and present.  The tobacco taste is rich, earthy, and well rounded. There’s a spiciness to this snus, which compliments the citrus and the tobacco flavor quite well.  In terms of nicotine, it feels to be around the regular strength mark. I find the flavor lasts between 46 and 57 minutes, on average.

If you want to taste tradition, this is the snus you want. Well, if you’re not going for the loose version. This snus has quite a flavor to it! A big, traditional taste, a gorgeous can, and it’s clear to see why General is the King of Snus. 

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