LD Salmiak White

LD Salmiak White

LD Salmiak White Portion is a product from Nordic Snus AB in Sweden.  When it comes to licorice flavored snuses, LD Salmiak is one that’s been around for quite a while, and is incredibly popular with those who enjoy snus with a licorice flavor!  It comes in original and white portion. Since JTI adopted the Nordic Snus name in Sweden, the LD line has also adopted a really nice looking, sleek design scheme!

LD Salmiak White

Flavor Description: LD Salmiak White Portion is a normal strength white portion. A great tobacco taste packed with fruity salmiak flavor. Comes in a white pouch for less drip and a longer lasting taste.

Conent:  16g

Portion Count:  20 portions

Portion Weight:  0.8g

Nicotine Strength:  10mg/g

LD Salmiak White

The portions are pretty soft, and I find them to feel great when put under the lip.

For a white portion, this one has a pretty present aroma. I notice a pretty present aroma of licorice, which comes through in a mildly sweet way. The portions are pretty soft, and I find them to feel great when put under the lip. The flavor is milder than the original portion version, which is normal with white portions, but it seems to pack more flavor than the average white portion. I notice a pretty present, lightly sweet black licorice taste, with a touch of salt to it. There’s not much tobacco taste, but it’s still an enjoyable flavor. The nicotine strength feels to be a round the regular strength level, and the flavor lasts around 60-63 minutes on average.  Impressive!

In terms of licorice flavored products, you can’t go wrong with LD Salmiak.  I personally prefer the original portion version more myself, but the white portion version is pretty tasty as well, with a longer lasting flavor! 

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