GN Organic Clove Explosion White Dry

Did you know there’s a snus on the market with the delicious flavor of clove?  If not, don’t feel bad. For some reason, this snus just doesn’t get discussed that much. It’s unfortunate, because it’s a truly underrated and great tasting snus from GN Tobacco! This snus is also a part of the “GN Organic Series”, and contains 85% organic tobacco and 15% fresh clove from Indonesia.  The GN Clove series has three variants:  Original Portion and the one we are talking about today - White Dry Portion!

GN Organic Clove Explosion White Dry

Flavor Description: "An extra strong portion with a taste of clove. This is a snus from the GN Organic Series and contains premium quality tobacco".

Content:  16g

Portion Count: 20

Portion Weight: 0.8g

Nicotine Strength:  27mg/g

GN Organic Clove Explosion White Dry

When you open the can, a mild, direct aroma of clove greets you. It has a mild smokiness to it, a subtle sweetness, and a coy spicy note, along with mellow hints of banana. The portions don’t look super white, but that may be due to the flavoring added. They are pretty soft for a white dry, but they do need a little fluffing to disperse the tobacco in the pouch. Once under the lip, they’re quite comfortable, however. The flavor of clove is subtle in nature, but not weak. It has a light smokiness to it, some spice, and a gentle sweetness to it. There’s also a light hint of banana. In terms of nicotine, it seems to hang out around the strong to extra strong mark. The flavor lasts between 1 hour and 1 hour, 25 minutes!

This is a super tasty snus. There’s not a lot of them out there with clove, and GN Tobacco really hit the mark with this one. So, what are you waiting for?  This is one you have to try out!