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Killa nicotine pouches are known for it's flavors

Killa nicotine pouches is a completely smoke-free and tobacco-free alternatives to cigarettes. Killa nicotine pouches are also called Killapods and are mainly known for their wide range of flavors and the high nicotine content. In the range you will find many exciting and experimental flavors that will give you a new experience. Killa nicotine pouches are manufactured by the company NGP Empire which also manufactures the extremely strong nicotine pouches named Pablo.

A nicotine strength of 16mg/g

Killa nicotine pouches are known for the strong nicotine experience that the product gives. All varieties in the range of Killa has a nicotine level of 16mg/g. This makes Killapods classified as extra strong and is only recommended for experienced users. Compared to the classic snus and regular nicotine pouches that has a nicotine level of 8mg/g, Killapods are twice as strong.

  • Big variation
  • Exciting flavors
  • High nicotine level

  • All the flavors of Killa nicotine pouches in the format of slim pouches. These are shaped to fit perfectly under the lip, provide a comfortable experience and a discreet use. The portions are made of three different types of cellulose. A perfect combination developed so that both taste and nicotine are excreted immediately once you place it under the lip, and then keep an even level that gives you a long lasting and tasty experience. The cans with Killa nicotine pouches contains 20 pouches.

    Nine exciting flavors of Killa nicotine pouches

    Killa nicotine pouches have a wide range where you can experience unique flavors and find new favorites. Below we describe a little about each taste. Which should you test first?

    KILLA 13 - A unique taste range with Killapods. When you open the lid on the can you feel the scent of energy drink. It is precisely the drink "Red Bull" that has been inspiration for KILLA 13. When you put it under your lip, you feel a sweet taste of energy drink and also a hint of mint.

    KILLA Spearmint - Here two of the most popular flavors are combined in a nicotine pouch. A refreshing mint flavor along with cooling menthol. The taste of spearmint is for you who love classic mint flavors with that little extra.

    Killa Apple - Just as it sounds, these nicotine pouches have a taste of apple. A fruity taste that pulls in the sweeter direction. KILLA Apple is a fresh alternative for you who have tested everything and like the unexpected.

    KILLA Watermelon - What does watermelon really taste like? And how does a nicotine pouch flavored with watermelon taste like? You have to test this, the experience can not be explained. The lovely watermelon is combined with a touch of mint, and gets us to long for summer.

    KILLA Blueberry - The taste of blueberries is clear when you add a portion under the lip. Together with the high nicotine level, a fresh experience is created with blueberries and a hint of mint. KILLA Blueberry has quickly become a favorite of many.

    KILLA Cold Mint - This is a flavor that enhances the nicotine kick and delivers a mint flavor that is truly striking. Here you feel a clear taste of fresh mint, and also a hint of menthol. If you are a fan of mint, try both the flavors KILLA Cold Mint and Killa Spearmint to see which one you like best.

    KILLA Pineapple - Another fruity variety in the range. Here the taste takes off pineapple separately and delivers a fresh and juicy experience of the tropical fruit. One wonderful taste of pineapple that is both sweet and sour, and tastes like summer!

    KILLA X-Cold Mint - In addition to strong mint, this variant has a clear taste of tobacco. That makes X-Cold Mint something out of the ordinary. Killapods contain only nicotine and never tobacco, yet they have managed to create a well-made taste of tobacco for you who like the classic feeling of snus.

    KILLA Cola - A surprising taste sensation for you who want to try something odd. These nicotine pouches are very tasty and reminiscent of a cooling glass with ice-cold Coke and bubbling carbon dioxide.

    Summary of Killapods

  • Nicotine level: 16mg/g
  • Content: Completely free of tobacco and tar
  • Range: Nine different flavors to choose from
  • Use: Put it under your lip for 5 - 30 minutes
  • Number of pouches: Each can contains 20 pouches

  • How the idea for Killa nicotine pouches was raised

    The idea for Killa nicotine pouches came about because the founders wanted to create a healthier alternatives to cigarettes, and even today Killapods is aimed at users who no longer want to consume tobacco but who still wants to enjoy the effects of nicotine.

    Smoking is something that exposes both the smoker himself and the environment to risks. When you inhale cigarette smoke from someone else who smokes, it's called passive smoking. It leads to almost the same major health risks such as smoking yourself. Therefore, it is not only you who are exposed to danger when you are smoking. Passive smoking can cause both acute and chronic respiratory problems. It can also aggravate childhood asthma and trigger asthma in healthy children.

    Killa nicotine pouches instead of cigarettes

    Many people who wants to quit smoking are looking for an alternative where they can get their nicotine intake, but avoid the dangerous smoke. Some smokers therefore switch from cigarettes to classic snus. The user's trachea is then not exposed to smoke, and is not exposed to carbon monoxide or other combustion products found in tobacco smoke. Carbon monoxide is a gas that degrades the blood ability to transport oxygen in the body.

    For those of you who wants to take the step from cigarettes to classic snus that contains tobacco, the suggestion is to use snus that has a nicotine level of about 8 mg/g. Snus varieties to take a closer look at can be classic Göteborgs Rapé, General Snus, Ettan Snus or Odens original.

    Others who want to quit smoking immediately switch to products that are completely free of both smoke and tobacco. Compared to Snus, the risks are even more reduced as you are not exposed to the tobacco as snus contains. Killa nicotine pouches does not contain tobacco or tar, and is a product that many used to quit smoking. This was the hope when Killa nicotine pouches was created, and is a factor that the use of Killapods continues to increase.

    Other tobacco free products

    If you have already tested the entire range from Killa nicotine pouches and now want to explore other brands, we have a wide range here at SnusMe, both with nicopods, snus and chewing tobacco. If you like a clear mint taste, check out the White Fox brand, for example, which has several different flavors of mint in the range.

    Another brand that is similar to Killa nicotine pouches and has a wide range of exciting flavors is Nordic Snus own nicotine pouch Nordic Spirit. In it's range you will find flavors like Elderflower, Berry Citrus, Watermelon and Mocha. It also has a variety of mint flavors to choose from. We are most certain that you will find something that you will like in our wide range!