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DOPE Nicotine Pouches

DOPE Nicotine Pouches DOPE Nicotine Pouches
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DOPE carries the extra strong kick you've been craving. With 22 slim all-white nicotine pouches per can, the Strong or Crazy Strong strength options are not for the newer snus enjoyers. Experienced users can expect the intense buzz that stimulates all the right senses with flavors that are just as satisfying. Plus, the ultra-comfortable, slim pouches will slide discreetly under the lip for long-lasting enjoyment. These strong nicotine pouches can last at least 45 minutes, delivering a clean, fresh alternative to tobacco that's not too moist and not too dry. Enjoy the extra intensity of extra-strength nicotine pouches without losing out on comfort and functionality with the many flavorful DOPE options.


Newbies, step aside or prepare for a powerful and intense kick. DOPE delivers Strong and Crazy Strong options, from 16mg/g to 28.5mg/g to 30mg/g. Experienced users get ready to relish the potent and heightened intensity of these increased nicotine quantities.


Fuel your nicotine frenzy with delectable flavors that are the perfect complement to the heightened DOPE buzz. Snusme carries several DOPE flavors that are sure to cure your craving. Our in-house flavors include:

DOPE Freeze Crazy Strong
Make the most out of the menthol experience with an intense nicotine kick that lasts as long as the minty freshness.

DOPE Lime Smash Crazy Strong
A mouthwatering citrus lovers' dream that layers an explosive nicotine hit with long-lasting lime sensations.

DOPE Freeze Strong
Mint with a dash of eucalyptus keeps you cool as a cucumber as you take in an impressive kick of nicotine.

Dope Lime Smash Strong
Tart and tangy yet sweet, make Lime Smash a refreshingly flavorful experience.

DOPE Ice Cool Strong
Stay calm, cool, and collected as you relish this icy fresh treat with traditional mint flavor delivered with a powerful nicotine kick.

DOPE Ice Mango Strong
Exotic fruity notes fuse with cool freshness for an impeccable blend of mango-minty flavors.

Tobacco-Free Nicotine Pouch Benefits

  • keep your teeth pearly white, clean, and unstained without the traditional mess from tobacco products
  • entirely dry and mess-free for fresh, ultra-clean enjoyment
  • some individuals find an easier way to help quit their tobacco habits with nicotine pouches that offer plant fiber in place of tobacco
  • a proven safer alternative to smoking that's aided many on their journey to quit lighting up cigarettes

  • About the manufacturer: Consumer Brands International

    Headquartered in the Czech Republic, Consumer Brands International (CBI) is committed to producing the highest quality possible nicotine pouches with market-leading brands. For over 25 years, the CBI team has operated with the highest standards to serve partners and consumers across Europe and beyond. Their wide selection of tobacco-free choices and services are loved across nations, and their vision to craft first-choice brands that refresh body and spirit and create a sustainable, positive difference continues to grow.

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