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The product developers over at Swedish Match had one mission: to develop a portion snus with new and improved features while retaining General’s fundamental character. The result was G.3, which simply stands for Generation 3 by General.

The G.3 series is available in two formats: Slim and Super Slim. Both portion sizes are slimmer than the classic portion formats creating an optimal, discrete fit. The portions offer minimal drip and have a higher nicotine delivery than General Classic White and Classic Portion. The spicy tobacco results in a flavor that is distinct from other General products, with notes of bergamot oil that gives the snus a slight hint of citrus.
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G.3 Nicotine Pouches
G3 Sparkling Slim White Dry Extra Strong
G.3 T.N.T Super Strong
G.3 Load Super Strong
G.3 Wire Super Strong Slim White Dry
G.3 Extra Strong Slim White
G.3 POW Super Strong Slim All White
G.3 Super Slim Strong White
G.3 Super Slim Blue Mint Strong white
G3 Slim Strong
G3 Extra Strong Slim

11 Items

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