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G.4 Tact Super Slim All White

Super slim snus with fresh spearmint taste
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Snus/Nicotine Pouch Snus
Brand G.4
Type All White
Format Slim All White
Taste Spearmint, Peppermint, Menthol
Nicotine level 12mg/g
Content 10,6g
Strength Strong

The new G.4 Tact from Swedish Match is the first snus from them with a super slim pouch. The snus has a clear fresh taste of spearmint along with a light spicy character.
Since the snus pouches are super slim, they stay well hidden under your lip and since it's all white, it won't discolour your teeth. You might not think that this snus will give you much kick since it's so slim, but you will still be able to fully enjoy this lovely combination of taste along with a nicotine level of 1.9%.

The G.4 is General's 4th generation of snus only with all white pouches. They are white before and after you use them. They fit perfectly under your lip with minimal drip, and they don't discolour your teeth.