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General White Wintergreen Portion

White portion with taste of wintergreen
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Snus/Nicotine Pouch Snus
Brand General
Type White Portion
Format Normal
Taste Tobacco, Wintergreen
Nicotine level 8,5mg/g
Content 24g
Strength Normal

General White Wintergreen Portion from Swedish Match is a white portion snus with the beloved taste of classic wintergreen.

This popular snus has a nicotine strength of 8,5mg/g which would be classed as a "normal" strength portion. The pouches is dry on the surface and has a moist content which gives you a minimal drip but also a long lasting taste experience.

Swedish Match is the biggest manufacturer of Swedish Snus with brands like Ettan, Grov, General and many more. The produce everything from Loose snus to white dry portion and nicotine pouches. See all other snus from General here!