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Jakobssons Snus provides a premium experience

Jakobssons Snus is a quiality snus that is made by Gotlandssnus AB. The company was founded 2002 and despite their relatively short journey in the industry, they have achieved far more than many ever do. You can read more about the amazing journey of Jakobsson snus below, but you're probably most interested in the product and the experience of putting a Jakobssons snus under your upper lip. We can promise you a great taste, Jakobssons Snus reputation as a premium snus would not have been possible without a really good, high quality product.

A unique history behind Jakobssons Snus

The exciting journey of Gotlandssnus AB goes hand in hand with why Jakobssons snus has become such a success. Founder Henrik Jakobsson leaves nothing to the chance, he stood at home in his kitchen and experimented with flavours until he felt that he was on to something. Eventually, he got a place, started a business and launched the Gotlandssnus brand, which later became Jakobssons snus. The very first product that launched in 2003 was called Anis Lös.

Gotland is an island off the east coast of Sweden where founder Henrik grew up. One of of his main driving forces with the company Gotlandssnus was to create jobs on the island and show that it is possible to run a business in the countryside. And he has proved it to say the least, after he sold the company in 2018 to Swedish Match, Sweden's largest manufacturer of snus. Henrik has continued to work as CEO of the company. Now his vision is to become the largest industrial company on the island.

So what does Jakobssons snus taste like?

At SnusMe you will find the full range of Jakobsson snus. The content of products, both the tobacco and the flavours are of a very high quality and contributes to Jakobssons snus profile as a premium snus. They work with snus in three different formats; white mini, white slim and original. Original is the classic model for snus with tobacco where the portions are moistened to quickly release flavour and nicotine. This makes the portions slightly brown in colour.

White slim has a lower moisture content which keeps the portions white and gives less drip when you place them under your lip, the same goes for white mini. They still maintain a quick and controlled release of flavour and nicotine to give you the best snus experience. An original portion of Jakobsson snus weighs 1 gram, while white slim has a weight of 0.65 grams and white mini 0.35 grams. The flavours you can discover from Jakobssons snus are Melon, available in all three sizes, Strongcola, available in white slim and original, Wintergreen which is also available in white slim and original, and mint which is only available original.

Creating a complete experience

Henrik Jakobsson has said in an interview that it is the Melon flavour from Jakobssons snus that he snus himself every day, when he is not working on product development and testing new flavours. For him, it's not about using snus for the nicotine, or for the taste. He wants the whole experience, and that's also what he wants to give to the users of Jakobssons snus. That's why Jakobssons snus focuses on delivering quality products, adding flavours to the snus to create something unique.

Jakobssons Snus Melon is a product with a classic melon flavour and hints of sweetness and pear. As in all Jakobsson snus products, the taste is combined with the high quality aromas from the tobacco. All Jakobsson snus products have a nicotine level of 14 mg/g which is a relatively high level and is classified as strong. The content of all sizes are the same, making the white mini, which has the least volume, the mildest, and the original which contains a whole gram, is the strongest.

Two variations of mint

Wintergreen is a plant with the Latin name Gaultheria Procumbens. The plant has a mint-like flavour and has given rise to Jakobssons snus Wintergreen, a snus with hints of both mint and sweetness. The range also includes Jakobssons Mint snus, which is a snus for those who love classic mint. The product is flavoured with peppermint and contains notes of herbs and hints of sweetness. Jakobssons Strongcola snus has a distinct taste of Cola with some sweetness and notes of citrus.

How Jakobssons Snus is made

Gotlandssnus has its offices and production in an old sugar mill on Gotland. On their website you can read about how they produce the premium snus Jakobssons snus. There it goes hand in hand with modern technology. The tobacco is handled in perfect humidity and temperature, and fed by hand into a mill where the tobacco is grated and grounded. The tobacco is heated with water and salt to undergo pasteurisation, then sodium carbonate is added and aromas. This is then stored in cool barrels until it is time to package the snus. The snus is divided into portion bags and then into cans, which are labelled and divided into rolls.

In addition to Jakobssons snus, Gotlandssnus manufactures other brands that you can find here at SnusMe. Their Swave brand is for those who want high quality nicotine pouches and exciting flavours, completely free of tobacco. For example, check out the products inspired by exotic drinks, like Swave Daiquiri Slim or Swave Cuba Libre Slim. Qvitt is also a brand from Gotlandssnus, these products are completely free of both tobacco and nicotine. Perfect for those who want to quit smoking or reduce their nicotine intake. Qvitt is available in the flavours Salmiak, Wildmint and Original, which is a combination of citrus and bergamot.

Constant product development

Jakobssons snus is constantly evolving. In the factory on Gotland there is a constant product development where, for example, trends in the food industry and experimenting with different flavours. When that magical experience occurs, it is launched as a new flavour on the market, usually only in limited quantities. A few times a year Gotlandssnus releases so-called "factory batches" within one of its brands, where product is only available in limited editions. When they have developed something unique that can contribute a complete overall experience, internal tests are carried out where a large workforce decides the final details before launch.