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When Sweden Match developed Kaliber in 2011, they applied their extensive experience and know-how to create an uncomplicated snus. The result was a portion snus with a distinct tobacco flavor and notes of citrus. Some varieties also feature notes of fig and pomegranate.

The Kaliber family includes products in two formats: White Portion and Original Portion. Original Portion has a moist surface and delivers a quick and fast flavor release, while White Portion’s drier surface creates less drip and a longer-lasting flavor. For White Portion fans who are looking for a distinct licorice flavor, Kaliber White Salmiak is the perfect choice. And for those of you who enjoy Original Portion snus but prefer a stronger tobacco flavor, they also offer Kaliber with Extra Tobacco Flavor.

The latest addition to the Kaliber family is Kaliber+, so called because it offers that little something extra compared with traditional Kaliber. A little more flavor, a little stronger and a fuller portion. Kaliber+ is available in both White and Original Portion.
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