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Kapten Salmiak White Extra Strong

A strong white portion with a clear taste of licorice
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Snus/Nicotine Pouch Snus
Brand Kapten
Type White Portion
Format Normal
Taste Tobacco, Licorice
Nicotine level 15mg/g
Content 18g
Strength Strong

Kapten Salmiak White Extra Strong is a white normal sized portion with a present taste of licorice.

The can comes packed with 20 white portions that sits very comfortably under your lip without giving too much drip. During the manufacturing process no water is added which creates a longer lasting taste experience. If you are a fan of licorice, Kapten Salmiak Extra Strong is definitely something to try.

Kaptens has received a updated design in cans and during a short transition period it is possible to receive both designs.

Declaration of content Water, tobacco, flavor enhancers (saline), humectants (E422), acidity regulators (E500), aromas.