LD 30 White

White portion of normal strength with a taste of citrus and bergamot
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LD White Portion is a normal strength white portion. A great tobacco taste packed with citrus and bergamot. Comes in a white pouch for less drip and a longer lasting taste. LD 30 White has the same taste as LD White but comes with 30 portions.

Nordic Snus was founded in 1999 in Vårgårda and became a big hit immediately. Nordic Snus works hard to keep the Swedish snustradition on top and there snusbrand LD is one of the biggest in the low cost segment. In the factory in Vårgårda is Nordic Snus manufactoring both LD, Gustavus and the new series called Nordic Storm.

You will always find all of the Nordic Snus’s snuff at SnusMe.com, you will also find all other brands of smokeless tobacco on the market.
More Information
Brand LD
Type White Portion
Format Normal
Taste Citrus
Nicotine level 10mg/g
Strength Normal