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A tastier world with Loop nicotine pouches

Loop nicotine pouches have a vision to make the world more sustainable, more colourful and more flavourful. And indeed they have contributed to a tastier and more colourful world! At least in the world of snus. Loop nicotine pouches do everything in their power to make you as a user to be more than satisfied, the overall experience is incredible important and you will have an adventure you will never forget. Loop nicotine pouches really do go that extra mile to make their products stand out in the crowd of white nicotine pouches.

Newcomer in the industry

Loop nicotine pouches are manufactured by the Swedish company Another Snus Factory who are placed both in Stockholm and Oslo, Norway. Looking at other companies that manufacture nicotine pouches, many have started their journey with classic Swedish snus with tobacco in it. Many started in the 20th century, and others as far back as the 19th century. Another Snus Factory is started by people with long experience in the snus industry, but since the business started as recently as 2019, Loop nicotine pouches is considered a newcomer in the industry.

Loop nicotine pouches grab attention

When you're brand new, you need to attract attention and be on your feet, and that's exactly what Loop nicotine pouches have done. For example, they were the first to add extra strong and hot spices to their nicotine pouches, something that no one had dared to do before. Who would want green chilli in their nicopods? As it turns out, many! More on Loop Jalapeno Lime and other spicy favourites below. Loop nicotine pouches works exclusively with products that are completely tobacco free.

An environmentally friendly can from Loop nicotine pouches

To contribute to a more sustainable world and show that anything is possible, Loop nicotine pouches has developed the world's first environmental friendly can of nicotine pouches. This can is made of 100% bioplastic and is named PlantCan™. The bioplastic is made from pine oil extracted from waste material from the forest industry. Compared to traditional recycled plastics made from fossil fuels, this is 100% plant based material. Loop nicotine pouches PlantCan™ are recyclable and can be sorted as plastic. So you too can contribute by putting the can in recycling when you have enjoyed all the contents.

Better experience with InstantRush™ Technology

Loop nicotine pouches also stand out with their pouches due to a unique technology, InstantRush™ Technology as they call it. The result of this innovation is a very quick nicotine kick. This quick nicotine kick is appreciated by many, and the technology also ensures a controlled and long-lasting nicotine release. With InstantRush™ Technology, you get a truly pleasurable experience of both flavor and nicotine.

Different strengths of Loop nicotine pouches

For us at SnusMe it is important to be able to offer nicotine pouches in different strengths, we have all preferences and like different levels of nicotine intake. That's why it's extra fun when brands like Loop nicotine pouches offer the same flavour in several different strengths. If you you find a favourite flavour that comes in several strengths, you can stick with it even if you want to increase or decrease the strength. This concept can be found in many brands, Loop nicotine pouches is one of them.

New flavors no one dared to try

Loop nicotine pouches inspired us when they took something as unexpected as the green jalapeno and flavoured their nicopods with it. They were the first to use this type of hot spice in their products, and since then several brands have followed. Loop nicotine pouches have combined melon with chili, habanero with mint, and jalapeno with lime - and it's been a hit.

Did you know that the potency of chillies is measured in scoville units, which indicates the amount of the chemical substance capsaicin? To take some examples, chilli peppers are 1,500 scoville, cayenne pepper at 20,000 scoville, jalapeno at 30,000 scoville and habanero at 300,000 scoville. Capsaicin is 160 times more potent than the active ingredient piperine found in black pepper. Capsaicin has many beneficial properties, it boosts endorphins in the body, increases metabolism and has high levels of vitamin A and C.

Classic mint from Loop nicotine pouches

When talking about nicotine pouches, it's hard not to mention mint. It's still the most popular flavour and one that many choose over spicy chilli, salty liquorice, exotic fruits and red berries. With Loop nicotine pouches, the classic mint flavour is named Loop Mint Mania. Perhaps it is mint mania that many suffer from, and that we can understand. There is something special about nicotine kicks combined with really cool mint flavour. Mint is both cooling and refreshing at the same time.

Loop Mint Mania is a good example of the different strengths of Loop nicotine pouches. Loop Mint Mania Extra Strong has a nicotine level of 20 mg/g, which is only recommended for experienced users. Loop Mint Mania Strong has a nicotine level of 15 mg/g, and then there is also Loop Mint Mania Mini, which is classified as normal strength. Strong and extra strong have slim-sized portions, while mini is significantly smaller. Loop Mint Mania Mini has the same content as strong with a nicotine level of 15 mg/g, but its volume per portions makes it milder.

Loop nicotine pouches have also developed an even stronger product that they call hyper strong. At the moment, two of the flavours from Loop nicotine pouches are offered in ultra strong, with a nicotine level of 25 mg/g. These are Loop Jalapeno Lime and Loop Habanero Mint. If you love really strong nicotine pouches, you should definitely check out these two favorites. Discover more flavours of Loop nicotine pouches in our wide range. Here at SnusMe we have personal service, fast shipping and great prices!