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Loop Nicotine Pouches

Loop Nicotine PouchesLoop Nicotine Pouches

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Loop Jalapeno Lime Extra Strong
Loop Mint Mania Strong
Loop Jalapeno Lime Strong
Loop Habanero Mint Extre Strong
LOOP Mango Tango
LOOP Salty Ludicris Strong
Loop Salty Ludicris
Loop Mango Tango Mini
Loop Jalapeno Lime Mini
LOOP Mint Mania Mini
Loop Mint Mania Extra Strong

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Loop Sicily Spritz

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Loop Mint Mania

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Unique flavors, variety of strengths in a recyclable can

LOOP are white, soft nicotine pouches without any tobacco. They provide a quick nicotine kick through the Instant RushTM technology and guarantee a controlled and long-lasting nicotine release. LOOP is available in different strengths depending on what your needs look like and in addition you can choose from many fresh and unique flavours that last a long time and leave a very pleasant aftertaste.

LOOP comes in the world's first environmentally friendly snus can - PlantCanTM. It's made with more than 50% plant based material and the rest of the material in the can is recycled plastic. All to reduce the impact on our environment.