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Lyft London Flair Strong Slim All White

Slim all white portion with taste of Gin, cucumber and black pepper
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Brand Lyft
Type All White
Format Slim All White
Taste Gin, Cucumber, Black pepper
Nicotine level 14mg/g
Content 16,8g
Strength Strong

Feel the taste of Gin in combination with fresh cucumber and a pinch of black pepper. A refreshing moment with a sharp twist, this time in a nicotine pouch, not a glass.

Lyft London Flair Strong Slim All White gives you the best of two worlds, gin and tonic combined with a nicotine strength of 14mg/g. The pouches are moist slim pouches making them fit perfectly and discrete under your lip. Lyft London Flair was at first a product from Lyft LAB who tries unique falvours for the market and with this one it was a homerun.

Since it's 14mg/g, it classifies as a "3" on the Lyft strength scale, with 1 being the weakest and 4 being the strongest. Feel the weekend vibes under your lip and try out Lyft London Flair.