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Here we present all new varieties of snus and nicotine pouches that have been launched in the recent weeks.
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No.8 Aprés Raspberry Liqorice
No.5 Aprés Ice Tea Peach Extra Strong
No.7 Aprés Tangerine
No.4 Aprés Cola Extra Strong
VOON Pink Grape CBD
VOON Cool Spearmint CBD
VOON Wintergreen CBD
Shiro Spiced Blone Strong
VELO X-Freeze Ultra
VELO Urban Vibe Ultra
VELO Arctic Frost Max
VELO Tropic Breeze Ultra
VOLT Pearls Twisted Berry
VOLT Pearls Midnight Mint Strong
Kapten Original Strong
FUMI Salty Violet Strong
FUMI Salty Lemon Strong
FUMI Salty Blueberry Strong
FUMI Salty Raspberry Strong
LD Salmiak Strong
Killa Cold Mint XXL
VELO Royal Tea
ZYN Gold Mini Dry 6mg
ZYN Black Cherry Mini Dry 6mg
ZYN Gold Mini Dry 3mg
ZYN Black Cherry Mini Dry 3mg
Lyft Cool Air X-Strong
Lyft Just Bloom Strong
Lyft Barista Twist Strong
Lyft Cool Air
Lyft Just Bloom
Lyft Barista Twist
VELO Elderflower Spritz
VELO Creamy Coffee Mini Strong
Lundgrens Örtagård White
GR Fläderbris Limited Edition

Items 1-36 of 60

Set Descending Direction