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White Fox
Gajanes innovative all white pouch, founded in 2019 as their very first all white nicotine pouch. Gajane produces one of the biggest range of nicotine products and for them to have an all white product was a must. The product comes in both slim and regular format all focused on mint flavours. All in the strong segment with nicotine strength from 12mg/g to 30mg/g.

What is White Fox?
Not only for the fancy can but also because of the well balanced mint flavours. The range goes trough the popular mint flavour in three different kinds, the first on the market was White Fox All White a strong mint flavour nicotine pouch with 12mg/g. That was later follow up with White Fox Double Mint and White Fox Full Charge. The first one was a kind of standard mint flavour we all are used to, the double mint combined mint and menthol for a more icy experience. The full charge adds the spearmint to the menthol for the most intense flavour.

The pouches is created with a very special fleece material for the ultimate feeling under your lip together with a perfect flavour and nicotine release. The white fox is one of the first nicotine pouches that is available in both slim and regular sized pouches to let the user find their perfect match.
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