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No.6 Aprés Cactus Lime All White

Slim all white nicotine pouch with taste of cactus and lime
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More Information
Snus/Nicotine Pouch Nicotine Pouch
Brand Aprés
Type Nicotine pouch
Format Slim All White
Taste Cactus, Lime
Nicotine level 8mg/g
Content 13g
Strength Normal
Aprés Cactus Lime All White is the 6th release from Aprés Nicotine pouches that comes with the combination of cactus and lime.

Cactus Lime mixes the dryness from the cactus flavor with the sour and moist taste from the lime. This combination is widely popular and we can definitely understand why.
The can comes packed with 100% tobacco free all white pouches that has a slim format for a comfortable fit under your lip. It has a normal nicotine strength of 8mg/g.

Cactus Lime and Ice Tea Peach are two new flavors from Aprés Nicotine pouches. Be sure to try them both out here at