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Odens Cold Extreme Loose

A strong loose snus with flavor of mint
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More Information
Snus/Nicotine Pouch Snus
Brand Odens
Type Loose
Format Loose
Taste Mint
Nicotine level 22 mg/g
Content 40,0g
Strength Super strong

Odens Cold Extreme Loose is a strong loose snus with refreshing taste of mint.

Inspired by the Nordic mythologi, the can comes packed with 40g of strong loose snus that has a nicotine strength of 22mg/g. Odens Cold Extreme Loose is one of the few "stronger" loose snus that is still around which makes it widely popular amongst users all over the world.

You can also find Odens Extra Strong Loose here at SnusMe if you are looking for a more traditional tobacco flavour with a slightly lower nicotine strength.