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Odens Lime Portion

Original portion with taste of lime
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Snus/Nicotine Pouch Snus
Brand Odens
Type Original Portion
Format Normal
Taste Lime
Nicotine level 9 mg/g
Content 20,0g
Strength Normal

Odens Lime Portion is a original portion with the taste of classic tobacco wrapped in an intense taste of lime.

Experience the fresh and summery taste of lime perfectly combined with a classic tobacco taste delivered in a normal strength portion. The pouches as moist which means both the release of taste and nicotine will be faster compared to a 'white' portion. The classic GN Tobacco styled can comes with 20g of content and the nicotine strength is 9mg/g.

The "Original portion" segment of Odens snus let's you experience a bunch of flavours with a bit lower strength of nicotine. You will also find most of the flavours as "Extreme portion" if you are looking for a strong nicotine experience.