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GN Organic Clove Explosion Brown

Original portion with taste of clove
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Snus/Nicotine Pouch Snus
Brand Clove
Type Original Portion
Format Normal
Taste Tobacco, Herbs
Nicotine level 36 mg/g
Content 20g
Strength Extra strong

GN Organic Clove Explosion Brown is a very strong snus with a prominent taste of clove.

The taste from Organic Clove comes from the unique tobacco mixture of 85% tobacco and 15% clove. This is delivered in large original portions with a nicotine strength of 36mg/g which would classify this as a "Super strong" portion. Since the pouches are moisturized the release of both taste and nicotine is faster compared to a 'white' portion.

You can find the GN Organic series both as original portion and White Dry portion here at