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Oden's snus is a snus in the lower price segment. It is made by GN Tobacco Sweden, at the factory in Bispgården. It comes in a large variety of flavours and is offered in Original Portion, Loose, White and White Dry. Some of it's varieties are Oden's Licorice Portion, Oden's Vanilla, Oden's Cold Extreme White Dry, and many more..

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Odens Cold Extreme White Dry 16g
Odens Cold Extreme White Slim
Odens Licorice Portion
Odens Menthol Extreme White Dry
Odens Cold White Portion
Odens Double Mint White Portion
Odens Lime Portion
GN Organic Clove White Dry
GN Organic Clove Explosion Brown
Odens Licorice White
Odens Licorice Loose
Odens Cold Extreme Loose
Odens Extra Strong Loose
Odens Wintergreen Extreme White Dry Slim
Odens No3 White Portion
Odens Vanilla White Dry
Odens Vanilla White
Odens Vanilla Portion
Odens Vanilla Extreme White Dry
Odens Vanilla Extreme Portion
Odens Original Portion
Odens No3 Portion
Odens No3 Extreme Portion
Odens Mint White Portion
Odens Melon Extreme Portion
Odens Lime Extreme Portion
Odens Lime Extra Strong Portion
Odens Licorice White Dry
Odens Licorice Extreme Portion

Items 1-30 of 56

per page
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