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OrangeMan Mint + Polka Normal

Slim all white portion with taste of mint and polka
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Brand OrangeMan
Type All White
Format Slim All White
Taste Mint, Polka
Nicotine level 8mg/g
Content 14g
Strength Normal

OrangeMan Mint + Polka Normal combines the cooling taste of mint and the traditional Swedish flavour polka.

Polka or "Polkagris" is a traditional Swedish stick candy that was invented in 1859. It is a well known treat mostly sold at fairs and Christmas markets. The traditional flavour of Polka is peppermint.

OrangeMan Mint + Polka let's you experience Polka in a completely new way. Combined with Mint, this nicotine pouch is definitely a delicious treat that fits perfectly under your lip with a minimal drip and steady release of flavour and nicotine strength.