/R/Snus Nicopods-Mixpack

A top 10 mixpack of nicotine pouches picked by the /r/snus forum members

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The poll is finished and this is what the members at the reddit /r/snus forum picked as their top 10 choice of nicotine pouches!
A great combination of both exciting flavours as well as normal to strong to very strong nicotine strength.

The /R/Snus Nicopods-Mixpack contains:

Ace SuperWhite Eucalyptus Slim All White
Loop Sicily Spritz
Lyft Freeze X-Strong Slim All White
Lyft Lime Strong Slim All White
Lyft Ruby Berry Slim All White
Lyft Urban Vibe Slim All White
Nordic Spirit Elder Flower Slim All White
Skruf Super White Slim Björnbär #2
ZYN Deep Freeze Slim Super Strong
ZYN Northern Woods Slim All White