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Röda Lacket Loose

Loose with a fruity taste with hints of licorice
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Snus/Nicotine Pouch Snus
Brand Röda Lacket
Type Loose
Format Loose
Taste Tobacco
Nicotine level 7,5mg/g
Content 42g
Strength Normal

Röda Lacket Loose is the pure definition of "classic" Swedish snus. The taste has elements of fruitiness and the tobacc is mild with a low sensation of burn.

Röda lacket was created during the 17th century and later registered as a brand in the 1850th. This does not just make it the oldest Snus, but also one of the oldest brands there is.
It comes fine-grained with a nicotine strength of 7,5mg/g. Röda Lacket is one of the easiest loose Snus to bake.