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Shiro Sweet Mint Slim All White

All white pouch with sweet mint taste
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Brand Shiro
Type All White
Format Slim All White
Taste Mint
Nicotine level 12 mg/g
Content 12,0g
Strength Strong

Shiro Sweet Mint has a taste of mint, sweetness from peppermint and the freshness from spearmint. It's all white pouches containing nicotine, but no tobacco.

This is another of AG’s great products. A snus company started back in 1864 with the making of coarse cut tobacco ,smokeless snus and spun chewing tobacco. In 2009 Alex Gundersen built a new and modern factory for AG’s and starting to expand over borders with brands like Kaptenen, Sisu, Hope & Glory and more.

You will always find all of the AG snus at, you will also find all other brands of smokeless tobacco on the market.