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Siberia -80 Xtremely Black White Dry

White dry portion with a classic tobacco taste
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More Information
Snus/Nicotine Pouch Snus
Brand Siberia
Type White Portion
Format Normal
Taste Tobacco
Nicotine level 43mg/g
Content 16g
Strength Super strong

Siberia -80 Xtremely Black White Dry comes with large, white dry pouches with the classic taste of tobacco and a strong nicotine experience of 20mg/g.

If you are a fan of Siberia -80 White Dry, Siberia -80 Xtremely Black White Dry gives you the same high quality pouches with a minimal drip yet a long tasting experience. The difference from the regular White Dry series and Black series is that this one comes with the classic tobacco taste instead of spearmint.

The content is 16g and you can also find the Siberia -80 Xtremely Black series as Original, Slim, White Dry and White Dry Slim.