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Skruf Super White

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No tobacco — no problem

Skruf Super White is the super smooth, modern solution to tobacco-free nicotine pouches that pack a minty-fresh punch. One of the best all-white snus nicotine pouches, Skruf Super White, comes in strong to extra strong variations and refreshing flavors to complement any craving. The mouthwatering flavors and five different strength levels give off a super fresh experience you'll love with a solid kick that is sure to delight for up to 45 minutes.

Not-So-Slim Pickins

Slim but no less powerful, the thin and compact portion size allows for discreet enjoyment with long-lasting flavor release. Not only super white but super soft, too—the portions are pillowy to the touch and sit nicely under the lip for an extra comfortable fit on the go. With 24 portions per can, you'll have your fair share for the taking. Plus, the convenient catch lid is a bonus to help to keep your used pouches stowed inconspicuously. Not to mention, the modern, minimalist packaging design keeps the cool experience lasting further than the pouch—you can enjoy and look good doing it.


Skruf Super White comes in five different strength and nicotine levels to guarantee the best buzz you're searching for, no matter your preference. With their levels of #2 through #6, you can choose from a range of 8 mg/g to 23 mg/g, respectively. Find your perfect fit from regular to ultra-strength intensities that give you the kick you desire.


Skruf Super White comes in an abundance of different fresh flavors to ensure there's something for everyone and a cure for every craving.

  • Fresh - The perfect option for menthol-lovers, Fresh is as classically cool and minty as they come.
  • Cassice - A fruity blend of blackcurrant and mint, cassice is a uniquely sweet treat.
  • Frozen Shot - A sharp surge of peppermint awakens and stimulates the senses and alerts you to the exhilarating experience of Skruf Super White.
  • Polar - Licorice, eucalyptus, and menthol provide the perfect balance to sit back, relax, and unwind with a lasting, cool flavor.
  • Nordic - The black licorice-mint taste and smell of Nordic are simple yet robustly delectable for a revitalizing and super fresh experience.

All-White Snus Benefits

  • Keep your teeth clean, white, and unstained without the traditional mess from tobacco products.

  • Completely dry for fresh, clean enjoyment

  • With plant fiber instead of tobacco, all-white snus provides some individuals with an easier way to help quit tobacco.

  • A proven safer alternative to smoking that's aided many on their journey to quit lighting up.

About the Manufacturer: Skruf Snus

Skruf Snus AB entered the market head-on in 2002 as a force to be reckoned with, toting a lofty goal to tackle the overruling Swedish snus monopoly. Founders Adam and Jonas started the self-proclaimed "rebel movement" and "wanted to offer a cooler and more personal premium snus." Their success grew rapidly, taking over the Norway market and partnering with British Imperial Brands in only a few short years.

With a new, larger, and modern factory built in 2011, Skruf expanded its brand to include products such as Smålands Brukssnus, Knox, and more, including the first organic tobacco on the Swedish market. In 2018, they released Skruf Super White, the slim, all-white portions that became and continue to be a roaring success for the brand, which has grown today into over 300 employees and counting, serving the global snus market.

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