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VID Nicotine Pouches

VID Nicotine Pouches

In VID Nicotine Pouches you will find the most innovative way to consume nicotine. Without a trace of tobacco and with the help of revolutionary research, Kurbits Snus have created a nicotine pouch whose nicotine is manufactured in a laboratory environment in an efficient and harm-reducing way, thus providing a fast nicotine effect, a fresh flavour and a long taste.

The patented formula gives VID a very fast effect without maximizing the amount of nicotine. They can now control the effect in a way that was not possible before, thus offering you as a consumer a completely new experience of nicotine products.

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VID Watermelon
VID Perfect Pear
VID Ginger Lemon
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VID Arctic Blast Strong
VID Violet Velvet
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VID Fruit Fusion
VID Cool Citrus
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