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White Fox Nicotine pouches

White Fox nicotine pouches White Fox nicotine pouches
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White Fox nicotine pouches with essential oils

More and more people are discovering the benefits of nicotine pouches, the completely tobacco-free snus. One of the most popular brands in this category is White Fox nicotine pouches which manufactured by the company GN Tobacco. They use an innovative material in their pouches, and essential oils that provide incredible taste experiences. Is White Fox your next favourite?

White Fox nicotine pouches from GN Tobacco

GN Tobacco is an established and well-known snus supplier. They are perhaps best known for Oden Snus or the extremely strong Siberia Snus, which with its nicotine level of 43 mg/g is a of the world's strongest. GN Tobacco also stands for the brands Bull Dog, Olde Ving, Lenny, WOW and Islay Whiskey.

GN Tobacco has two modern factories in Sweden, one in Enköping and one in Bispgården. Where they produce and distribute snus to over 70 countries worldwide. Their two factories make it different types of snus, ranging from portion snus to chewing tobacco. In the range from GN Tobacco, customers can choose from a wide range of strengths and flavours.

When it comes to tobacco-free snus, GN Tobacco is banking on its brand White Fox nicotine pouches. At the time of writing, White Fox is, together with LYFT, the best-selling nicotine pouches brand here on SnusMe. White Fox are high quality products, and what makes this brand unique is the innovative materials used in the pouches.

Innovative portion made of fleece material

White Fox nicotine pouches are made of a material that provides a more comfortable snus experience compared to the paper usually used. The material is a type of fleece designed to control the release of nicotine from the portion, and is soft and comfortable to wear under the lip. The fleece material quickly begins to secrete nicotine when you place the portion under your lip, but at the same time it allows the taste and nicotine and nicotine for a longer period of time. With White Fox, you can enjoy it longer!

High level of nicotine and essential oils

All nicotine pouches from White Fox are at a high level of nicotine. Traditional snus has a nicotine level of 8 mg/g, while White Fox nicotine pouches have at least double that. The brand has five different flavours in its range, and four of these five are at a nicotine level of 16 m/g. The fifth flavour, White Fox Black Slim All White, contains as much as 30 mg/g.

White Fox is also really good at flavouring their white nicotine pouches and uses high quality essential oils. The essential oils enhance the nicotine experience, and a serving loaded with both natural oils and plenty of nicotine an extraordinary taste experience.

Five colours and five flavours

White Fox nicotine pouches come in stylish cans with the graphic logo on the lid, an illustration of the white fox. The cans are transparent to show off the chalky white pouches without tobacco. Their cans also come in stylish colours, a colour for every taste. Here we explain in more detail about each flavour.

Black Slim All White

The black can with the name White Fox Black Slim All White is the flavour that most prominent in the range. Firstly, this flavour has a nicotine content of 30 mg/g, which is almost twice as high as the rest of the flavours in the range at 16 mg/g. 30 mg/g means also means that these nicotine pouches are almost four times as strong as traditional snus such as usually have a nicotine level of 8 mg/g.

White Fox Black is a completely tobacco-free snus, with the taste of tobacco! No nicotine added through tobacco leaves but is extracted from the leaves before being added to the nicotine pouches, yet they manage to a taste of tobacco. Perfect for those who like this taste but don't want the negative effects or the brown colour of tobacco. The nicotine pouches are completed with a smoky taste, and also has an aftertaste of rose petals. The strength of the nicotine and the taste of tobacco create White Fox's most unique product.

Full Charge

This red box named White Fox Full Charge has a strong mint flavour. The nicotine level is 16.5 mg/g, and the strength is further enhanced by the strong mint flavours. The special feature of this variety is that the portions are in a large size, which can be a bit difficult to find among nicotine pouches. This large size is something that many appreciate and choose White Fox Full Charge for that very reason. The large portions makes this flavor perceived even stronger, and therefore goes by the name extra strong.

All White Portion

The blue can in the range is called White Fox All White Portion and has a classic mint flavour with the cooling and refreshing sensation many people crave. These portion are long and slim to have a perfect fit under the lip, for a snus experience that is comfortable and discreet. White Fox All White Portion has a nicotine level of 16 mg/g and like all their products, it is completely tobacco-free.

Double Mint Slim

The can that comes in the colours of turquoise and grey is called White Fox Double Mint Slim and is similar to the White Fox All White portion, but with a double mint flavour! The natural essential oils that White Fox uses elevate this flavor to a very fresh experience of both mint and menthol. The strength of nicotine is 16 mg/g and the portion packs are in slim format.

Peppered Mint Slim All White

The green can in the range is called White Fox Peppered Mint and is a really exciting flavour combination. It blends the classic pepper mint with a cooling effect with hot black pepper. A cool combination that you just have to try! The nicotine level is 16 mg/g and the format is slim.

Nicotine pouches are growing in popularity

Many people who want to quit smoking find it easier to do so with the help of snus. Changing the intake of nicotine for a smoke-free alternative is healthier, and many risks are reduced or eliminated completely. Smokers switching to nicotine pouches is believed to be one of the reasons why nicotine pouches have become so popular. There are also many people who have discovered other benefits of a tobacco-free snus.

When you use nicotine pouches instead of snus with tobacco in it, you avoid the tobacco taste that many people are not so fond of. Instead, flavours such as mint or other playful flavours. You also don't risk your teeth becoming discoloured by the brown colour of the tobacco. Many people find nicotine pouches a fresher alternative to snus with tobacco.