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The 24th of October we celebrate the World Snus Day or 'Snusets dag'. This is something we want to pay attention to here at SnusMe, not only because of the increasing popular tradition of snus but also because of the lives it saves from smoking.

Since the beginning of the 19th century, when snus became popular, it has been a Swedish symbol and tradition. There are also clear advantages of snus compared to cigarettes. In connection with #WorldSnusDay, which is celebrated on October 24, SnusMe wants to draw attention to these benefits.

Snus leads to reduced smoking
The World Health Organization estimates that about 7 million people die annually from smoking-related diseases. In Sweden, about 12,000 people die annually and around 100,000 fall ill with diseases linked to tobacco smoking. Tobacco use in Sweden is on a par with the EU average, but since snus accounts for just over half of Swedes' tobacco use, smoking-related damage is lower.

By raising and reminding about the benefits of snus in addition to smoking, SnusMe hopes that more people around the world will stop smoking with the help of snus. The snus company also advocates tobacco-free alternatives for those who prefer it because it is much better than smoking.

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