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Xrange Göteborgs Rapé Slim White Sparkling

Taste of Göteborgs Rapé with a touch of champagne
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Xrange Göteborgs Rapé Slim White Sparkling has a light tobacco character with elements of apple, elderberry, and some subtle citrus and lavender. A long slim pouch with optimized fit that is dry on the surface with moist snus for low drip and a long lasting flavor release.

A snus from the great Swedish manufacturer Swedish Match with over hundred years of experience they are one of the largest snus producers in the world. They started back in 1915 and made the first portion snus back in 1977. Swedish Match also produces ligthers, matches, moist snuff, chewing bags and chew tobacco.

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More Information
Type White Portion
Format Slim
Taste Tobacco, Apple, Elderflower, Citrus, Lavender
Nicotine level 8,5mg/g
Strength Normal