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You probably recognize the flavors of the XR series. It consists of varieties of some of Swedish Match's most used flavors. Whether it's General's spicy tobacco character with elements of bergamot, or the juniper and lavender in Gothenburg's Rapé, the basic character is there.

What distinguishes the XR series is the slim pouch. It is a little narrower than Swedish Match's usual portions, for an optimized fit under the lip. Thanks to new technology, the snus has a longer taste, while the pouch drips less compared to their other portion products.
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XR General Free From Tobacco
XRANGE Catch Raspberry & Licorice Slim White
XRANGE Göteborgs Rapé Sparkling Slim White
XRANGE Göteborgs Slim White Strong
XRANGE Göteborgs Rapé Slim White
Xrange General Slim White Strong
XRANGE General Slim White
XRANGE General Slim
XRANGE Catch Mint Slim White

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